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The little boy with a little house

May 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

Letting my imagination run wild as it often does (I'm a dreamer)...

On a whim I messaged a man online selling a wooden play house he built for his kids.  He is in the process of moving out of state and the playhouse wouldn't be able to make the trip. I never thought he would accept my offer. It was much lower then he was asking. When we went to look at the house I quickly realized it was not going to fit on the trailer we had available due to it's size and weight. :(

I spent about a week trying to figure out a way to get it home, seeing if we could borrow something larger and some man power... eeks... lol this thing is REALLY heavy haha. When I told the man that I just could not find a way to get it here... He offered to deliver it!!! He had the trailer and bobcat and everything!


What a blessing. :)



































My son, Waiting in anticipation, he is SO excited! My kind neighbor even let us use his driveway to get it into place.... Yay!

I hadn't thought about the playhouse much until a few days later when my son said... "I'm going to go check my mailbox"

I thought he had meant "our" mail box on our house... but he went to the one on his little house.

While bringing groceries in from the car I hear "aw man"... as a disappointed boy ran up to me. I asked what was wrong. He said... "I didn't get any mail yet".

He continued to check his mail box everyday...

So as most mommies would do... I sent him a post card lol

while he was excited to get mail.. he giggled and said..... "mooooom"....

knowing he wanted "real" mail I took to social media and asked friends and family to write a few love notes..

What has started to happen I didn't expect at all...


















Letters, Cards, Drawings, Books, Birthday Invites all started showing up in his little mailbox..

He got a touching letter from a women who used to live here in the 60s sharing stories about what it was like to grow up here and how special this home was to her. It literally moved me to tears.

I realized that this was not just a play house... but something MUCH more.

We can teach our kids about all kinds of things, but how do you INSPIRE them and create whimsy?

How do you SHOW them the depth of people, humanity, history and community. I know it sounds a bit deep for a young child but I have NO DOUBT he will remember these moments forever. I am keeping all of his mail for him and I hope when he older and looks back on these special moments he smiles :) PS he still checks his mailbox everyday! lol

If you would like to send mail please email me ( for address we would love to hear stories from others who have lived here. Or special memories about places you remember as a kid.

We do plan on adding a roof to the house, painting, ladder, slide etc. when we can...

Stay Tuned for Updates:

4/30/17 "Mom, I really want a kitchen for my house"







Shirley Nickell(non-registered)
I finally got a chance to read this. It brought"me" to tears thinking about everything you wrote. Luke is so blessed to have such an amazing, awesome mommy. I truly hope that not only does Luke's playhouse bring him continued joy, but that your husband, you and Luke have many many happy years in your big happy house. God Bless all of you
Barb Kobishop(non-registered)
I love this story. Very touching and well written. Thank you for sharing it. :)))
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